• 恒力电机 histren
  • 恒力电机 histren
  • 恒力电机 histren

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Shaoxing Histren Motor Co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as Histren Motor) was founded in 1993. It is a professional manufacturer of research and development, production and sales of small/mini/micro motor, mainly for household appliances, electric tools, office automation, personal care products, home automation, automotive applications, and other fields and markets to provide permanent magnet DC motor products and technical services. 

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Guangdong Histren Motor Co.,Ltd.

D building of Lian Shang Zhi Zao Industrial Park,

Gao Bu town,Dongguan


Shaoxing Histren Motor Co.,Ltd.

North Road,Hutang Industrial Zone,Keqiao District, Shaoxing,Zhejiang

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