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Technical strength

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    Strong R&D Team

    Histren Motor has a strong R&D team of more than 10 industry experts and senior engineers. Most of the team members have worked on motor development for AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, HONDA, TOYOTA, Volkswagen, EPSON, CANNON, Brother, HP, TTI, B&D, BOSCH, MAKITA, SONY, Panasonic, SAMSUNG, P&G, etc. With an average of more than 12 years of research and development, the company has rich experience in the industry and can provide integrated drive solutions and motor customization services for customers in the automotive, home appliances, power tools, precision office and smart machines.
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    Rigorous Research and Development Process

    Histren Motor has developed a rigorous design review development process. Set precise development goals for each stage of the development process. For each topic in product design and process design, from the proposal, design concept, trial evaluation, and feedback design, continue to improve the design through PDCA cycle, and Committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective products. In the process of product development, we will also fully study the possibility of reducing costs. Each product developed by Histren Motors must be repeatedly tested before mass production to ensure that the product process objectives are achieved, and mass production is not allowed until all performance targets and quality objectives of the product are fully met. Each product developed by Histren Motor DR System is a reliable product that customers can trust.
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    Industry-leading Technical Analysis Capabilities and Means

    Histren Motor has industry-leading magnetic field analysis technology, structural analysis technology and voice analysis technology. By using these analytical methods, it can greatly shorten the product development cycle, quickly simulate the magnetic field design and speculate on performance, and also in the corresponding customers. Quickly respond to technical services and solve problems efficiently and accurately.
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    Advanced and Perfect Verification Methods and Experimental Systems

    Histren Motor has multi-function performance measurement rooms, life test rooms, and an environmental test rooms. It can perform simulation tests on the use conditions of various motors. Moreover, with the extensive introduction of motor EMC requirements in various industries, Histren Motor has established long-term cooperative partnership with some external testing institutions and research institutes to carry out various standard EMC tests and provide diversified solutions. . In the future, We will continue to introduce more advanced verification methods and test systems, and is committed to providing customers with reliable motor products.