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General Instructions for Motor Use

In order to safely use our motors, please be sure to read below information in advance. 


1. Do not insert the lead wire or motor terminal into home outlet , this might lead to an electric shock.

2. Do not touch the terminal of an electrified motor, which might bring to an electric shock.

3. Do not touch the body or rotation part of an electrified motor to avoid any hurt.

4. Do not leave electrified motor shaft locked, as even a short-time lock-up may cause excess heat build up resulting in burning damage to the motor depending on its specifications.

5. Depending on motor operating state (mounted state,load,and environmental temperature), the motor might generate excessive heat. Be careful not to burn yourself due to the heat.


Usage and Handling

1. In using a lead, a switch , a relay, a motor drive IC, and the like, give due consideration in capacitance and heat resistance, In case do not meet proper standards,this leads to a failure such as a burnout.

2.  The inernal resistance of the motor driving power source(containing an electrical circuit) and use of the motor with high /low voltage, high current, and pluse-driven (including PWM) affect the life of the motor and starting ability. When the temperature deviates from the normal room temperature as is the case in low and high temperature situations, please note the conditions and verify our motors then make your decision if adopting our introduced motor,so as to avoid any trouble occurred in your mass production stage.

3. Short circuit between terminals due to motor life end or short circuit between commutator slits due to specific environmental/use conditions might occur. In order to prevent circuit burnout, take protective measures such as using fuses.

4. The longer you use the motor, the lower its insulation resistance becomes. Therefore, be careful in using housing/end bell and power supply GND in common.

5. Axial thrust on the output shaft could have an adverse effect on the motor life.i.e. As is produced by worm gears,fans,etc.,Check the service life expected under the actual operating conditions by testing the motors installed in your application products. For heavy thrust loads, consider using something mechanical to retain the shaft end. Otherwise, this might cause any problem in contact.


恒力电机  histren

6. In using any transimission system such as a belt drive system for an output shaft, with which radial load is applied to the motor, sufficiently note that the life of the motor might be shortened duo to the radial load applied to the bearing.

7. Motor life may be affected adversely by heavy radial load such as produced by rotating eccentric cams, etc., and also by vibration given from outside. Do check over such negative factors by testing the motors to the actual operating conditions in your application products.

8. When press fitting a pulley, gear etc., onto the motor output shaft, always support the shaft at the other end or its retaining metal pad in a proper and correct way.

恒力电机  histren

9In pressing the motor into any cylindrical case,press the outer peripheral part of the housing/endbell.

恒力电机  histren


 10. Intensive pressure on any part near the center of the end bell might cause starting disability of motor.So please take care for motor mounting not to push the part. Specifically, be careful about any small-diameter motor, since its spend (rpm) changes depending on the fixing force.

11. In fixing the motor, do not apply any force that deforms the body of the motor. Also, in screwing the motor, do not screw it unevenly. This might adversely affect the flatness or characteristics of the motor mounting surface.

12. When mounting your motors by means of binding agents. Do not allow any adherence to be the bearing nor intrusion into the motors.

13. In using oil or grease, also be careful and prevent the oil the grease from flowing in the motor. The inflow might cause a failure such as defective starting.

14. When soldering, be sure to finish your work quickly so as not to develop thermal plastic deformation around the motor terminals nor to give them any forced bend or inward depression. In doing so, special care must be taken not to allow solder debris and flux to spatter into motors and precautionary measures should be taken if necessary, by covering up all the nearby holes and apertures. Any motors having snap-in terminals must also be attended carefully so as not to get flux in along the terminals, as it may cause failure in electrical conduction.

15. Do not touch the motor bearing. It might absorb bearing oil and cause bearing noise.


Use/Storage Environment


1. Do not store motors under environmental conditions of high temperature and extreme humidity. Do not keep them also in an atmosphere where corrosive gas may be present, as it may result in malfunction. Recommended environmental conditions: temperature of+ 10 degrees C through +30 degrees C and relative humidity of 30% through 95%. Specifically for motors being warehoused for six months or longer(three months or longer for motors with grease),take extra care since their starting performance might be deteriorated.

2. Fumigant and its gas may pollute metallic part of motors. Then, motors must not be exposed to fumigant and its gas, if fumigation shall be made for packaging materials, such as pallet etc., of motors and/or products with motors.

3. If silicone materials, which contain low molecular silicone compounds, adhere to the motor’s commutator, brush or other parts, then upon rectification of the electric energy the silicone breaks down into SiO2,SiC and other constituents which produce a rapid increase in the contact resistance between the commutator and brush. Therefore great care should be taken when silicone material is used in a unit and check well at the same time that such binding agents or sealing materials are not generating gases of detrimental nature, whether used for motor mounting or applied during your product assembles. Care must be taken for an optimum or applied during your product assembles. Care must be taken for an optimum selection. Examples of the gases: gases generated from cyanic adhesives and halogen gases.

4. Ambient and operating temperatures exert an affect more or less on motor performance and life. Do pay particular attention to the surroundings when it is hot and damp.